Our Approach for Utility Rate Consulting

Building Great Rates, One Step at a TimeMethodical. Logical. Repeatable…Defensible!Water and wastewater utilities are some of the most capital intensive services on earth.  It takes millions of dollars in pipes, pumps, tanks, treatment plants, and equipment to provide even one drop of water, or to safely remove one drop of wastewater.  The bottom line is that water and wastewater utilities are necessary services, but they are not cheap.Great rates are the product of great planning and great execution.  Like anything, rates can be good when they are done right; they can be bad when they are ignored.  We build great rates for communities like yours, and we do it one methodical step at a time.
It’s as Easy as 1…2…3Making rates for your utility doesn’t need to be hard.  Our standard approach makes the process easy and understandable. In three clear steps, we help you figure out how much you need, who needs to pay, and how much to charge.Check out our online storefront and build a rate making project to meet your specific needs.

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Utility Rate Consulting

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With a deep love for the environment, I strive to improve and create clean water resources for the betterment of communities. Join me on this journey to preserve our planet and make a positive impact.

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